František Danda

sport climber/routesetter


About my routesetting

I am František Danda, a passionate sport climber and builder of climbing routes. My heart beats for climbing routes, whether on rocks or artificial walls. I combine my ability to move with an artistic sensibility to create challenging but beautiful climbing routes. My meticulous approach to road construction reflects my love of detail and precision. Each of my routes tells a story, challenges climbers to discover their own limits and overcome challenges. I am not only an athlete, but also an artist whose vision and determination push the boundaries of what is possible in climbing.

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Where I set

Child Czech Championship in Slaný 2023

Both child Czech Cups in bouldering

in Prague 2023.

Tyrol cup Imst 2023

at Hangár Ostrava for Magnus Midtbø with Martin Chytil

for the Czech national team on the climbing wall in Brno Hudy

local boulder wall in Slaný



František Danda

+420 770 131 114


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